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Big Kahuna New Mobile Slots

To the ancient Hawaiians as well as to the local islanders (kamainas), the Kahuna were important people in Hawaii where they were given royal treatment and honoured as a mystical healer, Head Chiefs and magicians. There were 40 different types of kahuna. Now with mobile casino games designed by mobile casinos in Canada, we mainlanders (hauoles) have the opportunity to join in the fun by playing Big Kahuna new mobile slots.

How to play Big Kahuna

Start your jungle adventure by deciding how much you are going to put on the table. The number of coins, lines in play and bet level can be adjusted. After you’ve decided how much you would like to wager, give the reels a spin and see what the jungle holds for you!

The six fruits, as colorful as they are juicy, whirl about the five reels. The positioning of so many paylines with the five reels means that you have multiple probabilities to generate a winning combination on every spin. You'll need to enable as many paylines as possible because only the combinations that occur on enabled paylines are eligible for payouts.

The Regular Game

As the reels turn, you will envision yourself lounging lazily on an ocean beach with sweet mangos, bananas, lychees, avocados, and pineapples at your side. Suddenly Mr. Gecko ( local lizard) darts by. There is a silly looking monkey with a wide grin. But don’t be fooled by his goofy look. The monkey is the Scatter symbol which pays in all positions - a good friend to have around. 

The Big Kahuna symbol is the Wild. It replaces all the symbols except the Scatter. In the regular game, it is the only symbol that suggests at the wild quest you could board upon should you get to the mobile game bonus.  When you get five Wilds in a winning combination, your reward is 8,000 times your wager on the winning line! Given the treacherous threat you may be called upon to meet, Big Kahuna mobile slots games plays like an easy, warm, vacation casino. In most slots games, the Scatter sends you to the bonus rounds but in Big Kahuna Mobile Slots there are two bonus rounds and two different symbols that send you there.

Volcano Bonus

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, you arrive at this Polynesian tropical paradise. The islanders are busy at work, helping the tourists and carving masks.

And then…..the anticipation that has been in the background of islanders for generations abruptly comes to the forefront!  Three volcanoes Mauna Loa, Mt. Kilauea and Mauna Kea appear on the reels and the volcano gives every indication of an imminent eruption! Madam Pele ( the legendary Volcano goddess) is busy doing her thing. The Local Chief and his clan of advisors dash to see what they can do to prevent the mountain from blowing its top.  What they find astonishes everyone!  Only a single courageous visitor can calm the volcano.  You are selected to daringly face the volcano and are whisked by the Big Kahuna Mobile Slots to the….Volcano Bonus!  This surely is a mobile game bonus. The wind now blows forebodingly and an unexpectedly brutal tropical thunderstorm rages above the volcano.  The Chief commands you that you must marshal all your inborn courage to pacify the volcano by offering it a single fruit.  You have to choose intelligently from the fruits that have been made accessible to you.

You make your choice and to everyone’s sincerest gratitude the volcano is appeased.  You receive a cash reward but everyone realizes that the volcano is no longer dormant.  You may be called upon to appease it again.  You don’t tell the Chief this, but secretly you hope to be asked again to quiet the volcano many more times!

Mask Bonus

You return to your ecstasy with one eye open watching the volcano. Suddenly, three masks come into view on the reels and you are instantaneously transported to the Mask Bonus. Eight hand-carved masks appear on the screen.  Cash prizes are behind five of them are and behind three is the word “collect”.  You pick these island works of art one at a time until you hit “collect”.  We recommend you to remain a bit at the Mask Bonus; the artistry of the wood carvers is worth the time.

If you are unlucky and hit “collect” with your first choice, the islanders will award you a nice consolation prize.

Mobile slots games apps

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Join in the Luau

Come to the luau (Hawaiian feast) and partake in the hula with leis (garlands) around your neck of sweet smelling plumerias. Pick a stalk of sugar cane to chew on. Watch the local canoe club paddle in the sunset. But….if that’s not possible, play the Big Kahuna new mobile slots anywhere in the world, even in the snow and dream that one day you also will tread upon the trails beneath the waterfalls where the Big Kahunas used to live.


Big Kahuna Mobile